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Bernard Bergan is a dynamic speaker, author, and business leader. He is extremely motivated to help as many Veterans continue to serve beyond the uniform by showing them how to UNLEASH the best of who they are while remaining UNTETHERED from their comfort zones which he knows helps them become UNSTOPPABLE in where ever they choose to serve next. 


Why Not you?

Anytime I hear the word TYPICAL. I think about the One Percent of Americans who serve. To make that commitment it doesn't take someone who is typical; It takes someone EXTRAORDINARY.

We Still Serve. Why Not You?

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MSSA graduate urges Congress to support tech careers for service members

“Microsoft has made a life-altering investment in my career and the careers of hundreds of U.S. military veterans around the country,” “Those of us in the private sector must provide more service members and veterans access to opportunities that will change the trajectory of their lives, like Microsoft did with me.”

Microsoft focuses on employing and training our nation’s veterans

Why military veterans make exceptional tech workers, and how Microsoft is helping them land jobs

Veterans know all about diversity, given that the military itself is made up of a diverse cross-section of the population. “You bring that same experience of working with people from all over the world and country to the table. 

Microsoft hosts discussion on innovative solutions to help transitioning veterans